Deltec KM500S Kalkwasser Stirrer

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Kalkwasser - Translates from the German for limewater and is a solution made by dissolving Calcium Hydroxide in water. The resultant fresh solution is alkaline with a pH of 12.4 and contains a ready supply of both Calcium ions and Carbonate ions.

The solution reacts readily with CO2 in the atmosphere to form calcium carbonate and so it must be made in a relatively air tight environment which is where the kalkwasser stirrer comes in to play.

The KM500T is the standard stirrer suitable for tanks up to 1500 lts (350 UK gallons) and will produce up to 5lt of kalkwasser per hour.

The Deltec Kalkwasser Stirrers - KM500/KM500S/KM800 are ideal for supplying the marine aquarium with saturated Kalkwasser. When connecting the Deltec Kalkwasser stirrer to an automatic water level top-up system, the supply of Kalkwasser to the aquarium is automatic.

The Deltec Kalkwasser Stirrer can be operated in combination with the Deltec Calcium Reactor with positive effects. Kalkwasser compensates for the excess bicarbonate in the calcium reactor through additional calcium supply.

As the continuously produced acids in the marine aquaria are being neutralized, the carbonate hardness will be stabilized. An excessive increase in the pH value is avoided through the slow and automatic (top-up system) supply of kalkwasser.

The kalkwasser is continuously saturated through the mixing motion. The slow revolution of the mixer and a reduced adjustable water flow prevents accidental overdose of pure calcium hydroxide into the aquarium.

Additionally, since the water flow adjustment valve controlling the effluent kalk drip will only have RO/DI water going through it, the reactor will never clog, thus providing continuous maintenance-free performance.


Technical data
dimensions (l/w/h) appr. 220x220x480 mm
power consumption 7,5 Volt 3 Watt
capacity appr. 10 ltr. "Kalkwasser"/h.