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Cyperus helferi Tissue Culture 5cm pot - Nature Aquariums

Cyperus helferi Tissue Culture 5cm pot


Cyperus-species are widespread all over the tropics, but only a few of them are good underwater plants. Cyperus helferi from Thailand is the first Cyperus-species used in aquariums, 20-35 cm tall and a roset from 15-25 cm wide. It requires a relatively large amount of light, and CO2 addition is recommended to promote growth. In aquariums with good water flow the plant sways beautifully in the current.

Height: 20-30cm

Lighting: Medium

Temp:  22-26o

Tissue Culture Plants have been grown in sterile containers that allow the to be easily moved and which are free from disease, pest and pathogens.

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