Aqua Medic Premium Line 300


120 - 300 l/day

For the production of soft and desalted water for salt and freshwater aquaria
For spraying in terraria and many other applications.

RO Output depends on water pressure & temperature.
The premium line reverse osmosis units are compact and versatile superior grade products.

This system is equipped with two large 10" prefilter housings.

  • 1 x 5µm Sediment Cartridge
  • 1 x Combi Sediment/A-Carbon Cartridge

Final stage is the membrane.
The heart of the unit, made from the latest generation of TFC (polyamide / polysulfone) is responsible for providing the highest quality treated RO water.

All components, the prefilter housings and the membrane module are mounted onto a strong powder coated wall mounting bracket.

Comes with:

1x PTFC 150 Membrane
Provides the highest quality treated water.

1 x 10" housing with:
Prefilter Sediment Filter
Collects and retains all particles larger than 5 µm.

1 x 10" housing with:
Combined Carbon / Sediment Filter Cartridge
Protects the membrane by removing chlorine.

There is a flushing valve included and thus the systems can achieve a recovery ratio of approx. 3-4:1 concentrate:permeate, and a rejection rate of up to 98%.


Replacement Cartridges are available.