Product Details

40,000 lph max flow rate, 2 inch dual inlet

These patented waterfall filter boxes are the easiest to install of any similar style filter on the market today
AquaFalls 100,000 Filters have an inlet hole on each side of the filter. Use the one that's most convenient for your incoming water and simply plug the other hole with plug (included) or buy a ball valve and use the second hole as a drain.

  • Super strong grate included
  • Makes it very easy to cover the falls box with rocks and plants
  • The grates are an engineered structural plastic material capable of holding several hundred kilograms.
  • Filter Media not included
  • Easy to install, simply bolt lip to filter and you're done - no foaming rock lip into place!
  • AquaFalls Filters are buried into the ground making them easy to hide.
  • Recommended Pump - Aquamax Expert 40,000
  • Recommended UVC - Bitron 110C
  • Suitable for ponds 60,000 litres, with Goldfish 30,000 Litres, when the correct amount of filter media is added to the filter.
  • Recommended Filter Media - Biomatt and Japanese filter mat.
  • Aquafalls have also been used to build Pondless water features - For more information on how to build a Pondless water feature please visit our how to section : Pondless water feature