Bucephalandra - Submerged Grown


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*Buce in photo is an example of what we have in stock. This exact plant will not be sent. The first photo represents minimum size of plant to be sent.* 

Our stock of Bucephalandra are all submerged grown

We are unable to send this plant to WA, NT or Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions.

 Bucephalandra is a plant native to Borneo, Indonesia. This rheophyte plant flourishes over stones and rocks usually in areas where there is a prolonged period between dry periods and flooding. In appearance and in the growing pattern the Bucephalandra is very similar to the Anubias of Western Africa. This plant has a very strong root which latches onto the smooth surface of the stones and rocks.

 Bucephalandra  is a relatively undemanding plant that grows and reproduces very slowly. It can be attached to rocks or driftwood or held in place by weights or planted in coarse substrate.