Blue Planet White Spot Remedy

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For the treatment of White Spot (Ichthyophthirius multifilis) in freshwater fish. White Spot Disease is a common fish parasite that can easily be unknowingly introduced via new fish, plants etc. These parasites appear as distinct white spots on the fish's body and fins. Unless prompt action is taken, fatalities will occur.

Use at the rate of 0.25ml (5 drops) per 1L of water or at the of 5ml per 20L.

For Tetra species, baby fish and scaleless fish (loaches etc) use at a reduced rate of 1ml per 8L or 5ml per 40L.

Repeat dose after 3 days.

Ensure aquarium is well aerated during treatment and activated carbon is removed from your filter as it will remove this medication from the water.

Active constituents: 37mg/ml Formaldehyde, 0.32mg/ml Malachite Green. This product contains a dye which will stain if spilled.