Bioscape Ultra Clear Aquariums


Since these aquariums are a bulky item please contact us for a shipping quote or (03) 9898 8432

Bioscape is redefining the rimless aquarium, with hand-crafted Ultra Clear Low Iron Rimless Tanks. The low iron content of the glass ensures uninterrupted crystal clear visibility. Bioscape Ultra Clear Tanks come with a black leveling mat to help protect and aid in leveling.

Make your next aquascape come alive and enjoy true colours of your fish and aquascape.

Bioscape 110 Ultra Clear Aquarium 61x41x45cm 8mm Pair this tank with any Juwel Lido Cabinet
Bioscape 120 Ultra Clear Aquarium 81x36x40cm 8mm Pair this tank with a Juwel Rio 125 Cabinet
Bioscape 180 Ultra Clear Aquarium 101x41x45cm 10mm Pair this tank with a Juwel Rio 180 Cabinet
Bioscape 300 Ultra Clear Aquarium 121x51x50cm 10mm Pair this tank with a Juwel Rio 350 Cabinet
Bioscape 400 Ultra Clear Aquarium 151x51x55cm 15mm Pair this tank with a Juwel Rio 450 Cabinet