AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro 120

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Smart ATO 

  • sensor and controller all in one
  • optical sensor with no moving parts
  • auto feedback security technology
  • 2 year warranty

  • Australian approved power supply 


    The Smart ATO is a unique Auto Top Off system with a patent pending contactless digital sensor that monitors and automates refilling evaporated water.

    Best of all it is very easy to install and contains no moving parts that can fail.

    Integrated with Auto Feedback Security (AFS) Technology which provides real-time fail safe protection against failure. That's one of the reasons why it is called the "Smart" ATO

  • Sensor & Controller all in one
  • Optical sensor with no moving parts
  • Auto feedback security technology

  • What is Smart AFS Technology ? 

    Auto Feedback Security (AFS) technology is the smart safety function to secure the ATO system dynamically for any failure situation. 

    Over-Fill issue : 

    Time out depending on the previous "Refill time": 

    If the ATO normally runs for 15 seconds, and on an occasion the Smart ATO runs for 45 seconds, it is aware there is a issue and will turn of the pump to prevent over filling, or to prevent burning out the pump with an empty RO reservoir.

    Non-Fill issue : 

    Time out depending on the previous "refill period" The Smart ATO knows how many times it operates in 24 hours. If the Smart ATO is aware it has not operated as previous, it will alert the user (Blue light flashing slowly with audible alarm to check the system)