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Aquatronica Touch Controller Deluxe Kit

Aquatronica Touch Controller Deluxe Kit

$999.00 $1,799.00

 Deluxe Kit includes:

-Touch Controller

-Power Unit

-Temperature Sensor

-Level Sensor

-PH Probe

-Redox Probe

-Salinity Prone


The Touch Controller by AQUATRONICA is an innovative and attractive control unit with 7″ display. Its large touch screen offers straight forward programming and an excellent graphic display. Using the Touch Controller by Aquatronica, you can monitor the chemical parameters of your tanks and set programs to manage the peripheral units connected to it (such as pumps, heaters etc.) quite simply and quickly. You can connect the device to the network via a built-in Ethernet module or via a compatible Wi-Fi key (available separately). The user interface is user-friendly. The work of a team of graphic designers and experts in the field of interface design and man-machine interfacing is focused on the user-friendliness of the system, assessing the reactions and the specific uses of customers over time to make each operation straightforward and immediate. The network connections allow you to view the parameters and to manage the aquarium via the internet; the system also manages the automatic forwarding of the e-mails for reports and alarms. It is compatible with Windows and Apple. The touch controller is equipped with a LAN connection, two USB ports and SD card reader. It is also compatible with all the Aquatronica products, modules, interfaces, lights and accessories.

The Touch Controller guarantees the following functions:

  • Control one or more salt or fresh water aquariums simultaneously, connecting several Power
    Units (up to 10)
  • Manual control of the sockets (from 6 to 80) in case of any type of maintenance without having
    to disconnect any of the utilities
  • Multi-timer function on each socket (from 6 to 160 programs) to control automatic switching on
    and off of the devices connected
  • Wave effect by alternately activating 2 or 3 movement pumps with repetitive cycles, also
    alternated with pause
  • Tide effect by alternately activating 2 movement or ascent pumps with fixed 6.15 hour cycles
    (tide time)
  • Summer function for powering and under-sand heating wire at 5 min/h intervals
  • Black-out checks to control the duration of a black out
  • Sound and visual alarms that warn the user in case of malfunction
  • Electronic diary for managing the routine and extraordinary maintenance reminder
  • Reading and controlling parameters for measuring, viewing and altering (by means of sensor and interfaces) the values measured
  • Automatic recognition of the devices connected ‘Plug & Play’ to the system, automatically
    enabling the relative menus.
  • Connection to a PC to streamline all the settings wanted, to create a back-up of the data
    measured and  update both software and firmware
  • Reprogrammable software to update, free of charge, the TOUCH CONTROLLER with all
    function that were not available when it was purchased
  • Dimmer-ability to control and program any dimmable devices connected to the system
  • Connectivity for monitoring the system remotely

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions with bracket: 190.5x155x34.5 cm
  • Dimension without bracket: 190.5×128.5×34.5cm
  • Display: 7” colour touch screen
  • Consumption: < 10 W (with display on, without USB devices, connected)
  • Power supply: 110/120V – 50 hz
  • Connections: USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi (via commercial Wi-Fi key that can be purchased
  • Software functions: Touch screen interface, web interface, notification mails, web service for
    custom applications.
  • Data filing: USB, SD, internal memory
  • Compatibility: Windows™, Macintosh™
  • USB Wi-Fi keys compatible: D-Link DWA-131
Netgear VG111v2
Tp-Link TL-WN723N 150
    Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter (v1,v2)
Tp-Link TL-WN823N 300 Mbps Wireless N Mini USB
D-Link DWA-121

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