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Aqua Zonic Super Bright LED Clamp Lamp 15.72W

Aqua Zonic Super Bright LED Clamp Lamp 15.72W


AQUA ZONIC LED Super Bright is a slim iconic compact LED lamp. Featuring new OF ‘X’ LED when combined with 8K & 10K bulbs provides superior full colour spectrum rendering of livestock, the dual light mood recreates daylight and moonlight conditions for a more natural day cycle. The LED’s low heat emission permits minimal changes in the ambient temperature while focused lighting results in stunning accentuation or your aquarium’s interior. The low energy consumption results in greater savings over time. Super Bright LED, the next generation of compact lighting.

AQUA ZONIC LED Super Bright;

  • 10 x 1.5w (3 x 10000K + 4 x 8000K + 3 x ‘X’ LED) + 3 x 0.24w ‘X’ LED
  • 15.72 Watts
  • Colour: Silver
  • Ripple effect
  • Slim
  • Dual light-mode
  • 2 Switches
  • 27cm
  • Low Heat

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