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ADA AQUASKY 361 - Nature Aquariums



Not all LEDs are created equal.....the ADA Aquasky is a stunningly beautiful, extremely effective LED light that has been designed by Takashi Amano and ADA specifically for use in Nature Aquairums.

These lights are excellent LED lights: designed to be elegant, minimal and classic so as not to detract any attention from your layout.

The LED lights are highly efficient and are able to achieve great plant growth even on tough plants that require high light.

These are quite simply the only LED lights we have found that not only work but also look good.

Many LED lights that are marketed for aquariums are not sufficient for the plant growth we desire in our Nature Aquariums, but these ADA lights, like everything ADA, are perfectly designed for Nature Aquarium use. The ADA Aquasky uses high luminosity LEDs, with bespoke aluminium casing and vents to reduce heat. Put simply…not all LEDs are created equal.

The Aquasky has long been awaited….and it will not disappoint.

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