At Nature Aquariums and Watergardens we pride ourselves on the art of Aquascaping. Covering a range of styles in numerous tank sizes and lighting arrangements our lead aquascaper and Director, Stephen, aims to bring out the natural beauty of all the materials we have available in-store.


At Nature Aquariums, you'll see we think outside the glass box.



We built this display from Dragon Stone for a customer who wanted us to replicate an IAPLC winning tank.



This display was in our front window for many years, it is somewhat in the 'Dutch Style' with the addition of emergent plants.


Get up close with aquatic plants to appreciate their beauty.


A Terrarium we produced for the Melbourne Home Show.


An in store Terrarium display.


A first aquascape.  We built this display for the opening of our store, years ago.  

'Smoke on the water'.  A mister can add a lot to an aquarium.