Giesemann Tropic T5 24w


GIESEMANN T-5 /  tropic


GIESEMANN T-5 / tropic is a full spectrum 6500 K HO T5 lamp with enhanced photosynthetic peaks which recreates a natural sunlight effect.
Recommended for Freshwater and Marine aquaria


Aquatic plants as well as corals in the upper reef zones have adapted to the entire light spectrum of sunlight. In natural environments aquatic plants are almost exclusively to find in well-lit and clear waters in just little depth (up to 2-3 m). As well many coral species that are kept in aquariums are from shallower depths, where the entire light spectrum of sunlight is still available. All visible light components are nearlly equally passing through the water until a depth of about 6m. Therefore it is important to both, plants and corals,  provide a light source available, which comes as close as possible to sunlight.


GIESEMANN T-5 / tropic is one of the few existing lamps, built as a full spectrum lamp. The light spectrum indicates that there are all spectral components of its entire range from blue to red. Based on this, the GIESEMANN T-5 / tropic lamps do not only reflect the colors with their natural properties, but also have a negative impact on the growth of algae. Many scientific research institutes and public aquariums rely on GIESEMANN T-5 lamps. This is an impressive proof of the outstanding quality of GIESEMANN T-5 lamps.

GIESEMANN T-5 / tropic lamps are available at all power levels 24, 39, 54 and 80 watts.

  • Corresponds to the spectral composition of the light under water
  • Inhibits algae growth by specially designed light spectrum
  • Reinforcement of all colors of fish and plants
  • Equivalent to sunlight spectrum of about 6500 Kelvin
  • Full natural colors through color rendering index 1A (very good)
  • Made in Germany




Product info:  product          recommended for
100.551 GIESEMANN T-5 /  tropic

550 mm

 24 Watt

 approx. 6500° K

approx. 1400 lm

 tropic / marine
100.561 GIESEMANN T-5 /  tropic

850 mm

 39 Watt

approx. 6500° K

 approx. 2450 lm

 tropic / marine
100.571 GIESEMANN T-5 /  tropic

1150 mm

 54 Watt

approx. 6500° K

approx. 3500 lm

 tropic / marine
100.581 GIESEMANN T-5 /  tropic

1450 mm

 80 Watt

 approx. 6500° K

approx. 4900 lm

 tropic / marine